Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make Sure It's Right

(0:54) Occasionally, I see reviews that deduct stars because of incorrect information in the Details section of a marina marker. We regularly instruct our users that the proper way to correct inaccurate data is to fix the data by editing the information themselves.

(0:48) When I'm alerted to these I will email the reviewer asking them to correct the information and then to modify the review based on their experience with the marina. It usually concludes with something like, "If the data is wrong, give ActiveCaptain a bad review, not the marina." But really that's not entirely accurate. The accuracy of the information in your marina marker is your responsibility as well.

(0:41) A marina has the same editing access to the information in ActiveCaptain that boaters have. I would argue that you have a greater obligation to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. After all, you have the most to gain.

(0:34) It is in the control of every marina to ensure that the data items in their marker are accurate. I would go so far as to say that if you truly cared about the boaters experience you will make it a priority to regularly check and update your marker information. Set a schedule and make it someone's job to do the checking. For most information, monthly or quarterly checks are probably often enough. If you sell fuel, the check should be done daily, weekly, or whenever your price changes. Don't leave it to chance. Set a reminder in your calendar.

(0:21) Start right now by going to your marker and checking every field in every tab. If a field is blank, fill it in. If it is incorrect, fix it. Make sure you are being accurate and realistic. Do not fudge or exaggerate. False information may bring a boater in but false expectations will only lead to a poor experience and a bad review.

(0:12) Remember, the Details section of your marker is for factual information only. Avoid subjective embellishments such as, "the best."

(0:06) Show boaters that you want their business. Give them the information they are looking for.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.