Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Increasing Reviews - Asking

(1:02) The single best way to increase the number of reviews you receive is to simply ask for them. As simple as this sounds, it is rarely done. It is important that every member of your staff who interfaces with boaters are trained to do this.

(0:54) Asking how your customer's experience was should be a standard part of every transient checkout. Encourage happy boaters to write a review and provide them with a link to the website - "I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay. I hope you'll tell other boaters with a review on ActiveCaptain." Consider including the website link on your checkout documents and circling it to remind them. Of course, if they're wearing an ActiveCaptain hat you can simply tell them you look forward to reading their review.

(0:40) Many marinas collect boater's email addresses as part of their checkin. Every one should receive a thank you email which includes a link directly to your ActiveCaptain marker making it easy for them to leave a review.

(0:29) Make sure to include a link on your website. You can place it on your homepage or consider having a Testimonials page highlighting what boaters have written about your facility. You're welcome to include your reviews from the ActiveCaptain site if you credit us and provide a link.

(0:22) Whenever a boater compliments you, your staff, or your facility, it is the perfect time time ask for a review. "I hope you'll tell other boaters on ActiveCaptain." I think you'll find that savvy boaters understand the importance of online reviews today and will want to keep their favorite marinas in business.

(0:14) Don't forget your long-term slip holders. Who knows the advantages of staying at your marina better? Ask them to let the boating community know why they have chosen your marina for their homeport.

(0:08) Building and maintaining a top notch marine facility takes hard work and dedication. Don't be shy. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Ask boaters to help you spread the word. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.